Work & Safety Guide

PPE Guide:

No matter what type of project you’re working on, your safety comes first. That’s why we have a comprehensive range of PPE (personal protective equipment) to ensure your well-being on the job.

Safety Helmets

Protect your head from collision with moving and overhead objects.

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Eye Protection

Protect your eyes with our range of eye protection certified to EN 166B standards. We supply welding masks as standard with our welding equipment.

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Dust Masks

We have a comprehensive range of dust masks available to suit the task in hand, from fine particle filter masks to fabric nuisance.

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Ear Defenders

Safeguard your hearing with our general purpose earplugs and ear defenders.

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Protection Gloves

We have a range of protection gloves in all materials and styles to suit every job.

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Circuit Breakers

Our circuit breakers help to keep you save while using 240V electrical equipment and tools.

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Protective Footwear

Keep your feet and toes safe from impacts with our protective footwear in a range of materials and styles to suit your working conditions.

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Work Wear

Keep your body and skin safe from impacts with our protective work wears that comes with a range of materials and styles to suit your working conditions.

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Washing Machine

Buy washing machine now.

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Site Generator

Buy 240V Site Generator

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Accidental Loss & damage:

With our waiver option for Accidental Loss & Damage, you’ll enjoy greater protection and better peace of mind while hiring from us. For just 15% of your equipment hire cost, we ill take full responsibility for all accidental loss or damage of a single purchase up to a total value of £50,000. As an added benefit, we automatically apply our Accidental Loss & Damage Waiver to non-account contracts with a total equipment value of over £5,000.

Direct Hire:

We know it can be time-consuming and expensive to organise equipment for your large project that encompasses several sites. That’s why we’ve designed our Direct Hire service to make the process simpler for you. Now you can source and deliver the hire equipment you need to any site address within West Yorkshire & other part of UK with just a convenient and simple single call process.

With just a single call required for all your equipment hire needs, we’ll help you reduce the money and time spent on managing and sourcing your hire equipment.

You’ll benefit from extra management information including off-hire and on-hire reports.

You’ll have access to a much greater range of products including specialist equipment and large plant either for your demolition works or range construction projects.

We can offer you nationwide coverage, ensuring you can access all the equipment you need no matter where it’s required in the country.


Dust Regulations

The 2002 Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations help to prevent your exposure to construction dust and crystalline silica. The rules demand that a qualified individual carries out a full risk assessment for activities which could result in dust exposure. As part of the assessment, the workforce must be equipped safely to carry out their job by reducing, eliminating, controlling and isolating or using appropriate PPE. Staff must be trained and informed about relevant hazards.

Engine Fumes Regulations

Equipment must not be used on domestic premises or in confined spaces without appropriate ventilation where carbon monoxide poisoning could occur.

Noise Regulations

The 2005 Control of Noise at Work Regulations ensure workers are safe from any excessive noise that could cause hearing loss. If noise levels exceed 80 decibels, the risks to workers’ well-being must be assed and if it exceeds 85 decibels, hearing protection must be provided. No exposure is permitted to noises louder than 87 dB.

Working At Height Regulations

The 2005 Working At Height Regulations help you to select and manage the right equipment to ensure safety when working at height. There are three steps to consider:

  • Whether other equipment like lifting equipment or extendable tools could be used instead.

  • Preventing of potential falls by thorough planning and organisation of the work before commencement, by carrying out a complete risk assessment, by ensuring all staff are fully trained and competent and ensuring that the right safety equipment and measures are in use.

  • Minimising the consequences associated with a fall through the use of the correct safety equipment and by ensuring this equipment is fully maintained.

Safe Hire:

As we are accredited with the CHAS (Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme) we have demonstrated full compliance with and management of health and safety regulations across these areas:

  • Organisational management standards including risk management, social responsibility and financial control.

  • Management systems and processes including occupational health, data protection, quality management, health, safety and welfare and sustainability.

  • Management functions including accountability, development and training, employee management and communication.

  • Customer service and safe provision including hazardous substance control, hire equipment supply, distribution and transport and customer service standards.

Safe Use Training:

Here at FHP Hire, ensuring that our customers get maximum benefit from the equipment that they hire is paramount. That’s why we offer our safe use training service, which allows us to show customers the correct way in which to use the equipment as well as how to maximise its potential. We also recommend the right tools to get the job done.